“Spring Cleaning” means out with the old and in with the new! That means it’s less about actually cleaning, and more about organizing and decluttering. Come springtime, most people dread the thought of spending hours or even days cleaning and organizing. Cut your Spring Cleaning time in half by getting the actual cleaning out of the way early! And, as a bonus, having a wonderfully clean home will motivate you to declutter, organize, and embrace your spring cleaning! Here are 10 ways to pre-clean before your spring clean.

1. Get rid of dust so you can actually see all of your knick-knacks and stuff

When your stuff is covered in dust, it can be hard to see what you actually own—meaning it can be hard to decide what to get rid of and what’s worth keeping. Getting rid of dust from shelves, tables, and in between knick knacks on the bookshelves is a great starting point for pre-spring cleaning. Our Bright Idea: Use an electric or motorized duster like the Hurricane Spin Duster to make pre-spring dusting quick, easy, and fun! The super-soft bristles and rotating head attract and trap dust to leave you with a sneeze-free clean.

2. Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of those old messes covering your floors

Sweep away the last bits of winter to welcome spring! Clean floors are quite literally the foundation of a clean house—and the perfect place to start when pre-cleaning for spring. Our Bright Idea: Cut your sweeping time in almost half without the painful bending and stretching. Hurricane Spin Broom works almost like a vacuum: the rotating bristles pick up dirt, crumbs, and other messes and collects everything in the convenient collection bin that empties with the touch of a button.

3. Don’t Stop Now! Time to Finish Off Those Floors

We’ve already established that clean floors are the foundation for a clean home. Sweeping is great for picking up crumbs, dirt, and other debris. But, your floors aren’t truly clean until they receive the full mop treatment! Our Bright Idea: Stay away from regular mops that just push around dirty water—your floors will never truly be clean that way! Hurricane Spin Mop’s unique mop bucket and washable mop head mean you have a clean mop every time. Say goodbye to dirty floors!

4. Clean the Most-Used Spaces in Your Home…

Like the bathroom. We know gross those surfaces in your bathroom can be—and how hard it can be to get the dirt, grime, and soap scum gone for good. Cleaning the bathroom is never any fun, but it has to be done. Yes, really. Our Bright Idea: Get every inch of your shower or bathtub squeaky clean. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber uses high-powered rotation and extra-tough scrubbing power to spin away every bit of caked-on grime! (Another Bright Idea: Test out your nice, clean bathtub with a nice, hot bubble bath. After all, you’ve been working really hard and deserve a break!)

5. …And Clean Those Spaces You Always Seem to Forget

Like the vents in your dryer! The first part of spring cleaning is usually switching over from winter to warm-weather clothes and linens. If you’re anything like me, your washer and dryer get a big workout come spring cleaning time getting the staleness out of your spring clothes. Make sure your dryer is up to the task by cleaning out all that lint that just seems to pile up. Our Bright Idea: Hurricane Lint Lizard attaches to your regular vacuum and sucks up all that left-behind lint from all those hard-to-reach places. The result? Improved dry time and decreased risk of home fires!

6. If You’re a Pet-Owner, De-Shed Your Furniture

If your furniture is covered in fur, your home will never truly look clean—no matter how many hours you spend cleaning. Our Bright Idea: Use a lint brush to remove all the fur your furry loved ones leave behind. Hurricane Fur Wizard is perfect for getting rid of fur and lint from furniture and even clothes! And, the magical lint brush is reusable, so no more wrestling with sticky lint replacement sheets.

7. Protect Against Dirty Bug Infestations

The springtime brings new beginnings and, of course, warm weather. But, spring also, unfortunately, means bugs. Before you even think about starting spring cleaning, make sure your home is bug-free. Our Bright Idea: Get rid of cockroaches without spending a small fortune on exterminators. Roach Doctor baits roaches with toxic bait that kills on contact, and can take out entire nests!

8. Clean Out Clogged Drains

Blocked or clogged drains can cause water back-up, overflowing, and just plain gross water. Before you start your spring cleaning, make sure your drains and pipes are clear of hair and other clogs. Our Bright Idea: Our Lizard Cam micro-inspection camera lets you inspect your drains on a high-def screen. And, the hook attachment can help grab onto and remove whatever’s clogging your drain.

9. De-Clutter Kitchen Cabinets

Spring Cleaning shouldn’t just apply to clothes and trinkets! Springtime is the perfect time to clean out your messy kitchen cabinets and get rid of mismatched lids and unused gadgets. Our Bright Idea: Invest in a complete set of matching pots and pans so you can get rid of your mismatched pans and lids. The Red Copper 10 Piece Set comes with every pot, lid, and attachment you’ll ever need in your kitchen! And, as a bonus, the nonstick Red Copper coating makes cleaning a breeze. One less thing to worry about come Spring Cleaning!

10. Last But Not Least, Spring Clean Your Skin!

Don’t forget to spend some spring cleaning time on yourself! Keeping your skin clean is just as important as keeping your house clean—and maybe even more so! Our Bright Idea: Purify your skin and suck the impurities, dirt, and oil from your pores with DermaSuction. Our facial vacuum sucks the yuck from your pores and removes blackheads! Talk about spring cleaning!

We want to know how you prepare for Spring Cleaning! Share your tips with us below.