While volunteering at a local animal rescue, one reason folks surrendered or returned their pet was because of shedding fur. How can you adopt a cat or dog (or fluffy little bunny) and not expect them to shed? All animals shed. Even people. And unless you’ve got some genetically-modified designer breed (perhaps created by Dr. Hugo Strange) or a hairless Sphynx (which has an uncanny resemblance to Gollum), shedding fur is a reality every pet guardian should expect. Sure, some breeds shed worse than others, but the bottom line is they all shed.

Although there are peak times when shedding is heavier or lighter (called seasonal shedding), is important to remember shedding occurs year-round. When Fluffy sheds, she sheds. It may even look like Gizmo getting wet and spawning little Mogwai, depending on the season. You’ll find faceless Fluffies stuck on the upholstery on your couch, drifting across your floor, and floating in the air like the famous feather in Forrest Gump. So, how can you get it under control?

Brush Your Pet’s Fur


This may seem obvious, but it must be stated because of the aforementioned surrender excuse. Set up a special brushing schedule for you your pet. It could be a great bonding time, too. Cats should typically get brushed 1-3 times per week for short hair breeds, daily for long-haired breeds. The frequency brushing your dog is dependent upon your dog’s coat. If you’re unsure, speak to your veterinarian or groomer to begin a proper schedule.

Use The Appropriate Brush

Looking at all the grooming tools at the pet store or online can be a dizzying task. They type of brush you need depends on the type of coat your dog or cat has. If you’re not using the appropriate brush, you’re not getting all the dead hair off your pet. For example, using a rubber brush on a short hair dog will not yield the same results if you were to it on a double-coated dog. Read more at WebMD.

Remove Shed Fur From Your Furniture Often

Make removing fur buildup part of your daily cleaning routine. You’ll be removing a lot less throughout the week and saving your sanity. There’s a multitude of fur removing tools on the market. Hurricane Fur Wizard yields great results in half the time, thanks to its extra-large, double-sided wand. Plus, it has a self-cleaning base so you don’t have to pick fur out of the bristles when you’re finished.

Vacuum Frequently

It sounds like something Captain Obvious would say, but it’s true. Keep shed fur under control. Suck it up with the vacuum. If you don’t feel like running your vacuum daily, you can also use the Hurricane Spin Broom. It picks up wet and dry messes on hard surfaces, and can certainly handle a little fur. Plus, you just press a button to dispose of the contents without touching the mess!

Before you make the commitment to adopt a pet, remember they shed. You’ll have fur on your floors, on your furniture, and on you. It’s a minor inconvenience. But, in return, you’ll receive unconditional love and companionship. And you’ll save a life.