Happy World Water Day! We’re celebrating World Water Day by making an effort to conserve water wherever we can. Following these tips can help you use less water while gardening and start you on the path to serious water conservation!

1. Make Sure Your Hose Doesn’t Leak

The easiest, effort-free way to save water while gardening is to make sure you’re not wasting water with leaky hoses. If your hose is leaking, you could be wasting water even when they’re not in use! Opting for a durable hose like Pocket Hose Silver Bullet or Pocket Hose Brass Bullet can eliminate leaks, saving water with virtually no extra work (as a bonus, both Pocket Hose Silver Bullet and Pocket Hose Brass Bullet can make gardening and yard work a lot easier).

2. Pick the Right Nozzle

All hoses are not created equal. Picking the right hose can really help cut down on water use. Choosing a hose like Mighty Blaster could help you use significantly less water while gardening. Mighty Blaster’s powerful nozzle reaches up to 30 feet and is specially designed to use up to 40% less water.

3. Pick the right time to water your plants

Use less water while gardening by strategically choosing when to water your plants. Watering in the middle of the day when the sun is high and strong can lead to water evaporating before the plants have a chance to absorb it—forcing you to use more water. So, water your garden when the sun is a little weaker to get the most of your water.

4. Add some mulch

Topping the soil in your garden with mulch can help to limit or slow down evaporation. Slowing down evaporation can give your plants more time to absorb water, meaning you can use less of it!

5. Reuse old water

At the end of the day or week, my house is always overrun with half-full water bottles. Using old water—like those last few ounces of forgotten water bottles—to water your plants cuts down on the water needed for gardening and prevents other water from being wasted.

Share your tips for saving water with us in the comments below!