Has working from home made you forget all about those beautiful dress shirts you bought? It shouldn’t! Sweatpants and t-shirts may be comfortable, but it’s actually better to dress up. Yes, the old saying that you should dress for success still holds true, even if you already have the cushy job you want.

So don’t condemn your dress shirts to a dark existence buried inside that Ikea dresser. Dress shirts are fun! They want to hang out. As you slowly start to work them back into your rotation, you’ll want to take some time to hang them properly.

Why? Aren’t all hangers the same? No! If you choose the wrong hanger, you risk stretching your shirt’s fabric or with those pesky bumps and snags that make you look like you have pointy shoulders.

So don’t choose blindly and cause people to question your shoulder anatomy; check out our list of the five best hangers for dress shirts!

Getting Hung Up on Hangers

Hanging your shirts can truly transform your closet, but it is crucial to choose the hanger that best suits your needs (pun intended!). Some hangers are made to help you save space, while others are meant to keep clothes in pristine condition. Hangers can be wider to preserve shoulders or non-slip to keep shirts in place. And adding Ruby Space Triangles to your hangers can help you save up to 70% more closet space. Whatever the case, choosing the correct hanger will help protect the investment you made in your nice dress shirt.

(Bene)fitting In

There are many benefits to having the correct hanger and hanging your shirts. One of the most obvious advantages is wrinkle prevention. A shirt with a bunch of wrinkles will make you come off as unprofessional and rushed. Hanging shirts on the proper hanger will help minimize the appearance of these wrinkles and keep shirts looking smooth and fresh as if they just came from the dry cleaners.

Hanging your dress shirts makes them easier to sort through, and having a closet filled with wrinkle-free colorful dress shirts is immensely satisfying. It’s easier to mix and match when you can see your shirts on display in front of you.

It’s also easier to put your shirts away when you opt to hang them. Throwing them on the ground or in the drawer will only cause more wrinkles, and more wrinkles mean more time wasted on ironing or dry cleaning. Do yourself a favor and take one second to slip them on the hanger and place them in the closet.

Hangin’ Out, Down the Street

Same old thing we did last week! Before we get to the best hangers, there are a few tips to keep in mind when hanging that dress shirt.

Iron Willed

Dress shirts should be ironed after you take them out of the wash. True, throwing them on the hanger right out of the laundry will make them wrinkle less than putting them in your drawer, but if you want a real sharp-looking professional look, iron before you hang. As soon as you finish ironing, place the shirt on the hanger and put it in your closet. It’s tempting to place it on a chair or bed while you finish your laundry, but doing this increases the chances of you knocking it onto the floor and having to go back to square one.

<HBO’s The Wire (Hanger)

Leave the wire to the TV screens. Never place your newly ironed dress shirt on a wire hanger. It is better off on a doorknob than one of those shirt-piercing wired hangers. As mentioned earlier, we want to avoid shoulder points and puckering, and there is nothing that causes these more than a wire hanger. Avoid at all costs!

All Yoking Aside

The yoke of your shirt isn’t the egg you spilled on it during breakfast; it is the back part of the shirt that runs through the shoulders. If your shirt is thrown hastily onto the hanger and not properly placed and smoothed on the yoke, your shirt will wrinkle.

Put your hanger on the rod and drape your shirt over it. Adjust the yoke so that the shoulders are aligned correctly. Fix the collar so that it’s down and button the first button, so it doesn’t droop or fall off.

Benjamin Button

If you want to keep your shirt wrinkle-free from top to bottom, button every other button on the shirt. The top button will keep it in place, but buttoning every other will keep the shirt in place as you push items around in your closet.

The Space Between

“Your shirt and ties is where you’ll find me looking for shoes” – Dave Matthews Band.

But seriously, if you have the immense privilege of a spacious closet, try to keep your shirts a couple of inches apart from one another. Again, if our primary objective is to reduce wrinkles, you will want to space things out as much as possible. Shirts up against each other will cause creasing and wrinkles after a while.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at the top five dress hangers for dress shirts!

1.)Wood You Rather? 

Wooden hangers are the best of the best. Sturdy and durable, they are a statement piece of any closet. They come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, so finding the best one for your outfit is simple. Thick wooden hangers with a curve to them are best for heavier shirts and suits. They also work great with jackets and sweaters.

The curve of the hanger will give your heavier items all the support they could possibly need. Wooden hangers with notches can be used for small straps, and non-slip hangers will keep everything in place. Some even come with movable clips to hang matching pants from falling off the trouser bars.

They are also stylish when nothing is hanging from them. Look for wooden hangers with a gloss finish to make your closet look like a boutique suit shop. If a gloss is too pricey for your budget, you will still have an option of wood type and color to choose from.

If you have the environment in mind, try looking for bamboo hangers. Bamboo hangers are perfect alternatives to traditional wood. They are lighter and very affordable, too. They don’t have any color options but will still look good in your closet.

2.) (Pla)Stic ‘Em Up!

Freeze, partner! Plastic hangers are a great alternative to the expensive wooden hangers you might be considering. These hangers are incredibly common and for a good reason. They are cheap and easy to come by and come in many shapes and sizes. They also come in many different colors if you want to liven up your closet.

The width of these can vary, and you will want to avoid thin ones that may cause shoulder dimples. Over time, these hangers may warp and lose their shape, but tubular plastic hangers are a great choice for most button-down shirts.

3.) The Velvet Aboveground

The best part about velvet hangers is their ability to keep shirts firmly in their place. If you want to keep your shirt from falling off the hanger, you can’t go wrong with a velvet hanger. These reduce friction and keep your shirt where it’s supposed to be without damaging it.

They do all of this while remaining incredibly durable. In fact, they are just as good as wooden hangers when it comes to durability. The only thing to keep in mind is that there can be some color transfer if you forget to dry your shirt before hanging it.

4.) FABrics

Fabric hangers are fabulous because they come in many different unique colors and prints. They are custom hangers that are wrapped in fabric with canvas or other material for padding. They are great at protecting your clothing from damage.

Fabric hangers can have fun prints, and for a higher price, you can have them custom-made. Some fabric hangers will come with clips and hooks making them great for all types of clothes.

5.) You Metaling Kids!

The fifth and final hangers on our list are metal. These are fantastic hangers but are on the more expensive side, and they vary widely because they are often custom-made. These hangers are usually copper or iron and very thick. This makes them excellent options if you are worried about stretching or warping your shirts.

Metal hangers have the added benefit of looking nice. These will make a stylish addition to your closet and have a variety of attractive finishes.

Getting the “Hang” of Things

So, there you have it: The top five best hangers for dress shirts. There are certainly other options, like satin hangers. Satin hangers are usually reserved for delicate dresses and outfits. You can also find multiple and tiered hangers if space is at a premium in your closet.

Thanks for hangin’ with us. Check out Bulbhead for more tips, tricks, and products to help transform your home!