After you’ve spent time tending and nurturing your garden, it’s frustrating to see your vegetables or flowers eaten by animals. You’ve tried humane traps, but they’re difficult to set up. Scarecrows, as the name implies, scare crows and other small birds. They can be large, heavy, and difficult to install. And what about rodents and deer? Pesticides are hazardous chemicals that are not only poisonous to animals but humans, too.

Luckily, there’s a pesticide-free way to your pest woes. Owl Alert targets pests without harmful chemicals, marrying three types of pest control in one pretty package. It’s lightweight enough to move around your garden (we’ll get into this in a minute) and makes an attractive decoration in your garden.

Home Pest Control via Sight

The idea behind a traditional scarecrow is that the human shape doesn’t belong within the natural landscape, and therefore, poses a threat.  As mentioned, traditional scarecrows typically keep birds like crows and blackbirds – and sometimes larger animals like deer – away from your garden temporarily. However, birds are very intelligent – especially crows. After seeing a scarecrow in the same space for a given period of time, the birds realize that it does not pose a threat.

Owl Alert is shaped like an owl, which can help deter other animals like mice and rabbits. The reason? Simply because owls are natural predators to these types of animals.  And because Owl Alert is lightweight enough to easily move around, you can easily outsmart intelligent animals by moving its position in your garden or on your patio.

Home Pest Control via Light

Imagine walking in a garden ready to feast on some fresh veggies. It’s dark out and you can’t make out the shape of any threats. You take a few more steps and then a set of flashing red eyes are staring at you, fierce and ready to pounce. What do you do? Get the heck outta Dodge!

Owl Alert has a set of motion-activated flashing red eyes that help deter critters from the surrounding area. Unlike other types of motion-activated lights, like patio lights or security lights, the red eyes look like light reflecting on that certain angle of the eye. These light-up eyes send some animals scurrying away.

Home Pest Control via Ultrasonic Sound

It’s no secret that certain animals and insects can hear sounds at a higher frequency than the human ear can detect. Ultrasonic frequencies are defined as any frequency OVER 20 kHz (or 20,000 Hz). To put this in perspective, young humans have an auditory range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, while in adult humans the higher frequencies are usually capped at 15-17 kHz.  It’s important to point out that ultrasonic frequencies surpass the frequencies that the average adult human ear can detect. However, smaller animals, like mice and rats, can hear these ultrasonic frequencies.

Owl Alert emits an ultrasonic sound that’s undetectable to humans, but a nuisance to sensitive animals, like rodents, rabbits, raccoons, and deer.  This blast of frequency is annoying making animals think twice before chowing down on your flowers or tomato plants. Think of it like going to a restaurant where the overhead light is whining a high-pitch sound. It gets under your skin and you can’t focus on anything else, making for an unpleasant dining experience. Why suffer eating in an environment with annoying noise when there’s another tasty garden patch down the block?

Don’t wait to try Owl Alert after all else fails. When you use pesticides, the risk of an accidental pet or human consumption exists. Why take that chance around your beloved fur-kids, children, or grandchildren? Prevent nuisance critters from feasting on your garden or lawn with Owl Alert.