Warmer weather means barbecues, fireflies, beach days, and sun-tanned skin (or, if you’re as fair-skinned as I am, sunburnt skin). Unfortunately, warm weather also means bugs, critters, and other pests. During the spring and summer months, it seems like the creepy-crawlies are everywhere—my family often jokes that it’s not really spring until our house is overrun with carpenter ants again. And, when you leave your windows or doors open to take advantage of that lovely summer breeze, they can infiltrate your home, garage, and more.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to find out just what’s taken advantage of your hospitality. Our micro-inspection camera, Lizard Cam, is a flexible inspection camera with a color LCD viewing screen. The flexible 4-foot cable lets you find that cockroach nest behind your stove without getting too up-close and personal. Check out our Lizard Cam unboxing video below for even more tips and tricks!

But wait, there’s more! Besides pest management, Lizard Cam can also help you:
  • See exactly what’s clogging your sink or toilet before shelling out a small fortune for a plumber’s visit.
  • Retrieve your ring the next time it falls down the drain while washing dishes (we’ve all been there) thanks to the convenient hook attachment.
  • Finally rescue your favorite magnet that fell just out of reach behind the refrigerator with the magnet tip.
  • Easily recover tiny screws and other metal pieces in your garage or shop.
  • Salvage your cat or dog’s favorite toy without stopping playtime to move the entire couch.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever found under or behind your appliances? Share your stories in the comments below!