Love gardening, but hate watering your lawn? You’re not alone. When I was a kid, I loved helping my dad tend to the lawn and the tiny plot of flowers I dared to call a garden. I always thought that rainbows lived in the water because of the way the light reflected. It was a magical experience for me. Well, kind of. Dragging that heavy rubber garden hose across the lawn and over the driveway was a pain – quite literally. Wrangling that hose turned out to be a cumbersome task, the heavy hose hot in the summer heat, wet with water and crusted in dirt from running it across the garden. Sometimes the hose would get so heavy that some of the flowers or delicate parts of the plants would get destroyed.

Putting that rubber garden hose away was the stuff of nightmares for me. Living in a densely wooded area that was home to hundreds of large, furry spiders, the garden hose reel sat on the side of the house next to the garage. The area was narrow and impassable by humans.  Those spiders would sometimes nest in and around the hose reel. You get the idea. As an arachnophobe, it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience.

Lucky for adult me, there’s Pocket Hose Silver Bullet.

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet Makes Watering Your Lawn Easier

As I mentioned, wrangling a heavy hose is such a pain. And packing it up to put away is no easy feat either. There are several ways that Pocket Hose Silver Bullet makes watering your lawn easier.

  • EXPANDABLE HOSE. First and foremost, Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is an expandable hose. This means that it expands to a full-size garden hose when you turn the water on. When you turn off the water, it shrinks back to a standard Pocket Hose. This is important because it makes maneuvering and storing your hose so much easier. Would you rather wrestle with a rubber garden hose or easily coil a Pocket Hose?
  • STORES EASILY. Because Pocket Hose shrinks when you turn off the water, that means it’s easier to store, whether it’s on your self or in a drawer.
  • BULLET CASING FABRIC. The great thing about Pocket Hose is that hose has a fabric exterior that’s easier to handle than a regular rubber hose. With the seamless, tightly-woven fabric, the exterior won’t tear, snag, or wear.
  • KINK-PROOF DESIGN. With Pocket Hose, you don’t have to worry about kinks in the hose. Easily water your lawn without pausing to unkink parts of your hose.

Lead-Free Hose Connectors

Remember drinking from the hose when you were younger? (Heck, maybe you still do!) Unfortunately, a lot of hoses contain lead in the connectors (amongst other toxic chemicals), which can lead to serious health conditions over time. What sets Pocket Hose Silver Bullet apart from other Pocket Hoses is that the machined-aluminum connectors are lead-free. Unlike other hoses, you can sip water from Silver Bullet and not worry about lead leaching from the hose. It’s great to give your pet a sip of clean water when playing outside, too. Even if you’re not using pesticides, what’s the point if your hose is leaching harmful chemicals into the soil?

Now that it’s spring, you’ll be planning your garden and taking stock of all your tools. Don’t neglect to replace your old hose, nozzle, and other garden tools. We’ve got simple solutions for your itching green thumb.