We love our customers. And what better way to say thanks than a loyalty rewards program? It’s free to join and you get to earn points by doing stuff you normally do – shop our online store, engage with us on social media, tell your friends about your latest BulbHead find, etc. Read on to find out more.

BulbHead Rewards Program In A Nutshell

When you join BulbHead Rewards, you’ll earn points on every purchase. And when you’re not spending, you can still earn points simply by engaging with our brand on our website and social media channels. Pretty cool, huh? As you accumulate points, you’ll automatically level up in tier. Each tier has its own perks and rewards, the next better than the last. But first. . .

How It Works

To participate in BulbHead Rewards, you’ll need to create an account and opt into the loyalty rewards program. Existing account holders will be prompted to opt-in. After signing up and opting in, you’ll be able to start earning points. Every purchase you make on BulbHead.com earns you points, so it’s not exclusive to BulbHead-branded products. Points are calculated on the current price, not the retail price. You receive 10 points per dollar spent, excluding tax and shipping (if applicable).

Once you accumulate points, you’ll advance in Tier Level and be eligible for exclusive perks.

Our Tier System

BulbHead Rewards Program has 4 tier levels that you’ll level-up into as you accumulate points. On your BulbHead Rewards dashboard, you’ll notice two point values. The first is your current point balance. This is how many points you have available to redeem in our redemption catalog (more about this later, promise!). The second point balance is your lifetime points balance. This is a cumulative total of points you’ve earned, regardless if you’ve spent them in the redemption catalog. Tier levels are based on lifetime points. Also on the dashboard, you can see how many points you need to advance in tier. Tiers are structured below.

Bronze Tier (Points required: 0 to 999)

When you sign up for an account, you’re automatically placed in the Bronze Tier. By opting in, you’ll get exclusive access to new products and special promotions on BulbHead. Additionally, when you enter your birthday under the Earn Points section, you’ll receive a 10% off coupon on your birthday!

Silver Tier (Points required: 1000 to 2499)

As you graduate to the Silver Tier, you’ll gain:

  • Access to exclusive promotions and new products
  • 10% off birthday coupon (upon sharing your birthday under Earn Points)
  • A $5 off coupon code upon entering Silver Tier
  • Shop our redemption catalog

Gold Tier (Points required: 2500 to 4999)

When you reach the Gold Tier, you’re eligible for:

  • Access to exclusive promotions and new products
  • 15% off birthday coupon (upon sharing your birthday under Earn Points)
  • A $10 off coupon code upon entering the Gold Tier
  • Have more points to spend in our redemption catalog for cooler stuff

Platinum Tier (Points required: 5000 +)

Enter the Platinum Tier and you’re loyalty royalty! You’ll get:

  • Access to exclusive promotions and new products
  • 20% off birthday coupon (upon sharing your birthday under Earn Points)
  • A $10 off coupon code upon entering Platinum Tier
  • Have more points to spend in our redemption catalog for cooler stuff
  • Enjoy Double Point Days during special times during the year
  • Have early access to products before they’re available to everyone on the site
  • Enter our ambassador review program where you’ll get brand new products to review on our site

So, how do you earn points? Glad you asked. . .

Earning Points

There are several ways that you can earn points in our rewards program. After signing into your account, head over to the Earn Points section. There are ten ways to earn points: create an account, make a purchase, enter a coupon code, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, share your birthday, refer a friend, and leave a product review. We’ve got some more bright ideas for folks to earn points, which are in the works, so stay tuned. When you’ve completed a task and earned points, the action button changes yellow and marked Achieved.

Here’s a breakdown of each point-earning task.

Create an Account

When you create your BulbHead account and opt-in to the BulbHead Rewards Program, you’ll get 100 reward points to start you off.

Enter a Rewards Code

Buy a BulbHead product from a physical store? If you did, you may have received a product insert with a 6-digit code. Enter that code here to receive your reward points. Note: not all retail packages have this insert!

Make a Purchase

$1.00 = 10 points. Awarded points are calculated on subtotals, not totals. Shipping and tax is excluded.

Add Your Birthday

When you add your birthday in this section, you’ll be eligible to receive a birthday bonus. The bonus amount is issued according to tier, as outlined above. Completing this task earns you 25 points.

Social Media Likes & Follows

Like or Follow BulbHead on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to score 35 points per social media channel in which you follow BulbHead. To earn points, the action of liking or following needs to be completed via clicking the buttons on this page, so previous likes or follows will not award you points.

Review a Product

Your opinion matters. When you take the time to review a product from your purchase, we’ll add 75 points to your account – per review. This task never closes because we want you to be able to continue earning points on reviewing your purchases. It’s important to note that you’ll only be awarded points on verified purchases. To do so, you’ll be directed to your order history where you’ll be able to review products. Simply click Write A Review and you’ll be able to write a review in a pop-up that appears. This is really convenient if you have multiple products in an order that you’re reviewing, so you’ll never have to leave your account page! Leaving random reviews on product pages will not grant you reward points.

Refer a Friend

Love a product you bought from us and can’t wait to tell your friends? Awesome! Click Refer A Friend to trigger a pop-up that includes a URL that you can paste into an email or social media, or conveniently click on one of the social share icons. Your friend will receive a $5 off coupon to go towards their purchase when shopping via your link. When they make a purchase of $20 or more, you’ll get 500 points!

As our program grows, we’ll add more ways to earn points and create even cooler perks for each tier!