Believe it or not, owning a pet can have enormous benefits for your mental and physical health and well-being. Among other benefits, pets can help lower stress levels, improve mental health and anxiety, and even increase physical activity for a healthier lifestyle. Our Pet-Centric Jewelry Collection has picks perfect for every pet parent and animal lover!

The paw print is the ultimate symbol and badge of honor for pet owners. Symbolically, paw prints—especially from a cat—can represent continuity or following your goals.  Recently, the paw print tattoo has exploded in popularity, with many people choosing to permanently commemorate their furry friends in ink. If tattoos aren’t your thing, opt for a less-permanent alternative with the same beautiful sentiment with our Goldtone Paw Print Bangle Bracelet. The minimalist goldtone bangle is adjustable, making it easy to put on and take off. A single charm with a paw print cutout and crystal accent dangles delicately from the bracelet in a stylish display of your love for animals.

Along with broken mirrors and spilled salt, black cats get a bad rap for being unlucky. But, did you know that in other cultures black cats are symbols of good luck and prosperity? In Japan and Britain, crossing paths with a black cat is thought to bring good luck, and Scottish superstitions hold that seeing a black cat on your porch is a sign of impending prosperity. In fact, sailors used to bring black cats aboard ships as a sign of protection and safe return to land (not to mention black ship cats made excellent exterminators for mice and other vermin)! Embrace the good luck and striking appearance of black cats with our too-cute Black Cat Brooch Pin! The pin features a large black cat and a small black cat, dressed up in darling gold bowties. It’s the perfect accessory for dressing up any jacket or hat!

The importance of the domesticated cat dates back to Ancient Egypt. Thought to protect Egyptians against vermin and other threats, the cat was widely revered and worshipped—some Egyptians even mummified and mourned their cats the way they mourned their human family members. Today, cats are the most popular domestic pet in the world. The animal represents reincarnation, curiosity, and independence. If your spirit animal is the cat, you’re probably a night person who loves taking naps and is great at keeping secrets. A pair of elegant Sterling Silver Cat Earrings is the perfect statement piece of jewelry for any cat lover! Our minimalist earrings dangle delicately from each ear, displaying sleek, classic cats with detailed whiskers and tails.

Like fire and ice, the battle between dog people and cat people has waged since the dawn of time. Despite the tension between their owners, cats and dogs tend to get along just fine (for the most part). Now, with our Antique Gold Dog and Cat Brooch Pin, you don’t need to choose between your love for dogs and your love for cats! An adorable crystal-studded dog and cat share the same bar, making it the perfect accessory for both cat people and dog people.

The Dachshund—affectionately dubbed the “Wiener Dog” for its long and low, hot dog-like silhouette—is perhaps one of the most widely recognized breeds of dog. Dachshunds are known (and loved) for their bold personality and oversized bark. Part of the hound family, they were originally bred as hunting dogs but have come to be popular for their friendly and spunky nature. The Dachshund Brooch Pin is modeled after the popular black and brown shorthaired Dachshund and features layered gold accents and crystal eyes that add dimension to the stylish little pup! It’s sure to bring a smile to any owner or admirer of the lovable small and spunky Wiener Dog.

“Terrier” is actually a term used to describe a group of approximately 20 breeds from Dorothy’s Cairn Terrier to the larger American Staffordshire Terrier. As a group, Terriers are known for being energetic and feisty make them perfect guard dogs and hunting dogs. Most of the Terrier breeds feature the classic longer coat that requires special grooming techniques to maintain. Despite their high maintenance status, Terriers are fiercely loyal to their families and highly intelligent. Embrace the spunk and stubbornness of the beloved Terrier with our stunning Goldtone Terrier Brooch Pin. Set in rich, vibrant goldtone, the pin features exquisite details like intricate carved fur, a crystal-studded collar, and ruby-red eyes that really bring the pup to life!

You might know Pablo Picasso for his breathtaking Cubism and Surrealism paintings, or even his depiction of the Spanish Civil War. But, did you know that Picasso was also obsessed with dogs? Picasso’s life was full of dogs, and he often housed and loved numerous pups at once. In fact, the famed artist was also known to “steal” or “borrow” dogs from his friends and female companions. Picasso was so enamored by his four-legged friends that the dog became a muse and inspiration for his artwork; his Dachshund, Lump, even made it into a number of Picasso originals. The Picasso-esque Dog Pendant Necklace is the perfect testament to Picasso’s love for dogs. The sleek, dog-shaped pendant whimsically blends colors and patterns to create a Picasso-inspired work of art, perfect for art lovers and dog lovers alike.

Did you know that puppies are born blind, deaf, and toothless? Everyone loves puppies—no one can resist those adorable floppy ears, wagging tails, and a seemingly endless abundance of energy! My family got our first puppy—a pug named Hallie—before I could even walk and she makes an appearance in nearly every single baby picture. There’s no other experience quite like growing up alongside a puppy and there’s no bond as strong as the one between a kid and their dog! Our Puppy in a Basket Brooch Pin lets you carry the spirit of the puppy—and all of its energy, excitement, and curiosity—in an adorable, stylish little package. The goldtone basket adds a bit of dimension and realism, and the silver puppy features adorably floppy ears and a silver tail you can practically imagine wagging!     

What is your favorite part about being a pet parent? Let us know in the comments below!