‘Twas the night before Christmas at Bulbhead, my dear,

Not a sound could be heard without Magic Ear;

The Tree Dazzler was hung and the lights were aglow,

While the Star Shower shined on the fluffy white snow.

The Red Copper family was ready to cook,

Each piece included Cathy Mitchell’s cookbook.

Flipwich was set to make French toast in the morning,

Cop Cam sat on the shelf silently recording.

All of a sudden there was a ruckus outside,

And SunBlast turned on so there was nowhere to hide.

Listening closely, I could hear a soft chatter,

“I’m losing my mind, I’m mad as a hatter!”

I exclaimed to no one as I ran down the stairs,

Could the TV be broken and need repairs?

I searched all of BulbHead and nothing could be found

Even with Magic Ear, I couldn’t hear a sound;

Suddenly, the soft jingling of bells could be heard,

I ran to the window, but my vision was blurred;

Opening the door, unsure what I would find,

There stood a portly man, his eyes twinkling and kind;

And behind him an elf, his eyes filled with wonder,

The man looked at me and laughed, deep, filled with thunder;

“Good evening! I’m Santa,” he motioned to his sleigh,

“I hope you can help, I seemed to have lost my way.

The only gifts I have left are scarves and mittens,

For all the adults, I need something more fitting.”

“Sure,” I hesitated and led them inside,

The elf tugged Santa’s sleeve, “Thank Christmas,” he sighed;

I led them deep into BulbHead’s secret vault,

The elf, so excited, did a somersault.

I tossed Santa a FastBall to hold his phone,

For hands-free use flying through any timezone.

“Here’s Slim Cycle to help start their fitness journey,

To help them train and prepare for a tourney.”

Santa’s eyes wandered, taking in gadgets galore,

I put my hand on his shoulder, “But wait – there’s more!

For light, give Atomic, no others compare,

Our Lantern and Flashlight to help them prepare.

Hurricane is awesome for effortless cleaning,

Spin Scrubber requires no bending or kneeling.

Brass Bullet is perfect for watering a lawn,

And Mighty Blaster is full of power and brawn.

Stuff stockings with PedEgg for baby-soft feet;

DermaSuction blackhead vacuum, you can’t beat.”

Santa turned to his elf and said, “Grab what you can,”

And filled up his sack with the Red Copper Pan.

With presents in sleigh and FastBall on the dash,

Santa’s eight reindeer took off in a flash.

I stood there in wonder looking up at the sky,

The snow falling on my face as I waved goodbye.

I went back inside BulbHead and sat by the tree,

I could feel Christmas Spirit spreading over me.

I made myself cozy and watched the snow fall;

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all!