Proms, vacations, graduations – all are big events where you (or your child or grandchild) will want to look their best for photos. Why spend tons of money on treatments that don’t work? When you suck the yuck out of your pores with DermaSuction, you’ll see all the crud those washes and ointments left behind.  DermaSuction lets you put your best face forward and helps you regain lost self-confidence. Check out our Unboxing video below, then read on!

Getting the Most Out of Your DermaSuction

Now that you’re on your way to sucking the yuck out of your pores, it’s important to not only follow proper safety precautions but also keep your DermaSuction functioning optimally.

  • Steam, steam, steam! If you’re experiencing difficulty getting the yuck out of your pores, allow your pores to open naturally via steam. You can easily achieve this by sitting in your hot shower or applying a warm washcloth over your face for 5 minutes.
  • Glide DermaSuction over your face. It is really important to glide DermaSuction over your face and not allow it to stay in the same position for more than 15-seconds. Doing so may cause bruising. After all, you’re applying a blackhead vacuum to your face!
  • Wash the suction heads after each use. Seeing all the gunk that DermaSuction is sucking out of your pores can be fascinating and horrifying simultaneously. However, even more horrifying is reusing a suction head without washing it. You’ve removed all that oil and bacteria for a reason. Why would you use a dirty suction head and allow all that yuck to touch your face?
  • Upgrade to the rechargeable DermaSuction. Hate wasting money on batteries? We’re with ya. The Deluxe DermaSuction is rechargeable and has better suction power than the standard battery-operated model.