The weather is getting warmer – it’s time to open the windows and replace that stale winter air with a crisp, refreshing Spring breeze. It may have a chill, but it smells clean, earthy, and delicious. And when Spring awakens after a long, frigid winter, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she lets out a thunderous ROAR. Suddenly, everything is in bloom. And it’s glorious.

Close-Up of spray bottle spraying cleaning fluid and sponge

As Spring cleans Winter out of her proverbial home, it’s time for us to jump on the bandwagon. It’s time for Spring Cleaning. The time to clean everything. Get rid of that dust. Freshen up your fabrics. Blast away that grime. Throw out expired products. There’s a dizzying number of tasks on your To-Do List by the time you organize what needs cleaning. Luckily, Hurricane brings you easy cleaning solutions to get you through the arduous task of scrubbing, sweeping, and mopping.

Scrub Brush blasting away grime in shower

Scrubbing your bathroom can be painful. Especially if you have limited mobility, back problems, or knee problems. There’s too much bending in awkward positions to clean under your shower bench, behind your toilet, or reaching the ceiling tiles in your shower stall. Even if you can bend in those positions, the upper body strength it takes to scrub away all that grime is astounding. And it’s not scrubbing a little section of tile that’s painful. It’s when you need to sustain that scrubbing power for your entire shower stall, bathtub, and toilet. Halfway through the shower stall, you’re already pooped out. Enter Hurricane Spin Scrubber. This motorized wonder blasts through grime at 300 RPMs. Your arm can’t do that. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber includes three brush attachments so you can use the correct size brush for the task at hand. This scrubber is rechargeable; therefore, you don’t waste money on batteries. Keep it charged the night before your spring clean so it’s as ready as you are to tackle your scrubbing jobs.

Demonstrating how Hurricane Spin Mop works

Cleaning your floors is equally taxing on your body. Between applying lots of pressure to your mop head, moving furniture around, and trudging over too-wet floors, mopping is frustrating to say the least. As soon as you put any amount of pressure on a sponge mop head, water spews out the sides. You’re left standing in front of a puddle. On some flooring, this excess water can cause the finish to peel or buckle. Not a pretty sight. There’s an easier way to mop. Hurricane Spin Mop has a 360-degree rotating microfiber mop head. You’ll be able to clean every nook-and-cranny on your floors, along your baseboards, and under furniture. The stick handle moves 180-degrees so you can clean that dust lying in wait under your couch – without moving your furniture. Hurricane Spin Mop isn’t complete without a revolutionary bucket. Its bucket has a foot-operated spin basket. Just dunk your mop to clean it, then place the mop head in the spin basket. As you push the foot pedal, the basket spins water and dirt off your mop head using centrifugal force. Plus, it has accessories like dust heads, extra mop heads, and a 4-wheel dolly for the bucket.

Hurricane Spin Broom Picking up trash

Using a broom may sound counterproductive during a heavy-duty spring clean, but if you’ve got hard floors, you’re going to want to have a quality broom on hand. Using a broom and dustpan can be a defeating task. You drive yourself to the tipping point of madness trying to get every speck of debris onto the dustpan. But we all know there’s always that paper-thin line of dust or crumbs that refuses to board the SS Goodbye Dust. When you dump whatever you managed to push onto the dustpan, an asphyxiating cloud of dirt and dust balloons out of the trash can. Don’t worry. There’s a better sweeping system. The Hurricane Spin Broom has three spinning brushes that gobble up dirt and debris like a world champion winning at a hot dog eating contest. The brush mechanism works like the brushes of a street sweeper. As you move the brush forward (and it only works if you move it forward), two side brushes push debris towards the center, where a cylindrical brush underneath the broom head moves the debris into a collection bin. When you’re finished sweeping, position Hurricane Spin Broom’s head over a trash can, then press the button on the back. The collected mess spills into the trash so you don’t have to touch or breathe it.

Hurricane’s trifecta of dirt-gobbling cleaning tools sees you get a thorough spring clean, exerting little effort. What are you waiting for? Order yours now!